Oregon State University Foundation

As a member of the creative team at the OSU Foundation, I drive efforts to tell the stories of students who realize their academic and professional goals with donor support.


Diving Into Research

Not many undergraduate students spend their summers on a research vessel off the northern coast of Alaska. Last August, that’s exactly where Emmanuel Alegria, a junior in Biology and Earth Sciences, found himself.


Stahlbush Island Farms

To promote organic produce production in a large agribusiness setting, I created all of the digital content for a Google AdWords campaign, which reached over 15 million people.


Farmer's Market Foods

Farmer's Market Foods is the second brand from Stahblush Island Farms featuring organic purées. I created visual website and social media content.


Genesis Juice

In 2017, Genesis Juice rebranded all of its cold pressed juices. I captured product photography of the entire line.