Blooming Nursery

I worked with Blooming Nursery and their retail store, Blooming Junction, to establish brand guidelines and produce website, social media, and print content to support advertising and marketing efforts.


Oregon State University Foundation

As a member of the creative team at the OSU Foundation, I drove efforts to tell the stories of students who realized their academic and professional goals with donor support.


Stahlbush Island Farms

To promote organic produce production in a large agribusiness setting, I created all of the digital content for a Google AdWords campaign, which reached over 15 million people.


Farmer's Market Foods

Farmer's Market Foods is the second brand from Stahblush Island Farms featuring organic purées. I created visual website and social media content.


Genesis Juice

In 2017, Genesis Juice rebranded all of its cold pressed juices. I captured product photography of the entire line.