Setting Goals with Presidential Scholars

Role: Videographer, Editor, Motion Graphics Producer

The goals of this piece were to demonstrate the everyday impact of scholarships on a student’s life and  the far-reaching impact of scholarships on our community and the world.

High Promise Scholarship Video

Role: Videographer, Editor, Motion Graphics Producer

This piece was used as a solicitation, as the main video on the CREATE fundraiser page, and on social media. 


Emmanuel Alegria - Student Profile

Role: Videographer, Editor

Emmanuel's story was the first story we created and planned to be multi-use. Photos, text, and video from his story appeared in print solicitations, multiple email solicitations, social media ads, social media posts, and in a stewardship email. 

Madelaine Corbin - Student Profile

Role: Videographer, Interviewer, Editor

Maddy's story was the first piece that I created for the Foundation. It appeared in Giving Matters and in several email communications. 


Examples of my photography for the OSU Foundation: