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Project: Student Profile Video

Diving Into Research: Not many undergraduates spend their summers on a research vessel off the northern coast of Alaska. Last August, that’s exactly where Emmanuel Alegria, a junior in Biology and Earth Sciences at Oregon State University, found himself.

About: This has been a particularly fun project. The research at OSU is often tangible and far-reaching. This can make for easy storytelling, but presents logistical challenges. Luckily, footage from a videographer, Kim Kenny, and footage we were able to capture on campus came together to make this piece.


Project: Finding the Joy of Travel

"A lot of us develop big, gaping pits in our stomachs when we get back from time abroad – and it’s not just the empty space where Mediterranean dolmas or French croissants used to be. Experiencing feelings of depression after traveling is common. In fact, there is a name for it. Reverse culture shock is similar to the adjustment period you may experience when visiting a place for the first time, but it has to do with your thoughts, feelings and physical reactions to your return home."

This piece originally appeared in Chickpea Magazine, Issue 24. 


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